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Enhancement of settlement opportunities

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                                                             Hypothesis for visualising the disused areas database


Locational Opportunities

The Attraction Team provides valuable insights about locational possibilities in Piemonte with the aim to facilitate the connection between the supply and demand of sites suitable for new investments. This includes businesses interested in establishing themselves in Piedmont and those needing to expand their production and existing production facilities.

Currently, the following databases are available:

a. Locational opportunities in Piemonte

Database developed by Confindustria Piemonte and Centro Estero per l’Internazionalizzazione (CEIPiemonte), it maps disused and available industrial areas to attract investments in the region.

For more information, click here

b. Inventory of unused areas and properties

Developed by the Directorate of Environment, Energy, and Territory, this database results from the census of unused areas and properties and it forms the basis of a strategy to support competitiveness by recovering and enhancing unused portions of land and unproductive areas that represent also a concern in terms of landscape-environment and decorum. This approach contributes then to the reduction of soil consumption.

Additional Business Intelligence tools will be implemented and they will be specialised in the search for productive areas by "cross-referencing" various types of data to define the locational opportunities offered by the territory.

The database will be integrated into the Regional Geographic Infrastructure (IGR) and the digital urban planning process (USC) database.

For further inquiries regarding the search for productive areas for new investments, please contact the Attraction Team at team_attrazione@regione.piemonte.it