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The Attraction Team and its competencies

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Imprese e liberi professionisti

The attraction and set up of a new investment in the territory involves several administrative procedures and engage multiple regional competencies and Departments in the accompaniment phase.

The Attraction Team, created as an interdirectorate working group of the Piedmont Region, has been established as unique interlocutor for new potential investors, in order to simplify and make more effective the support action and rationalize the activity of the regional offices and instrumental agencies involved.

The Team aims to foster effective interaction with respect to the prerogatives and functions of Piedmont's local authorities, primary and essential actors in territorial dynamics, with whom the Team relates on the occasion of each investment project, going beyond the ordinary institutional and operational relations, and putting into place desirable processes of efficient exchange focused on supporting the implementation of the investment.

As a result of increasingly frequent and complex requests for new investments and production settlements, the Team has set up:

  • an operating mode consisting in a shared system of tools and information, functional to optimize cooperation among the various involved skills;
  • a standard dossier conceived to meet the needs of the investors.

The strength of the Team is the integration of the many skills functional to assist the investment, able to offer answers and services essential for the implementation of the project. The skills made available, both regional and afferent to the instrumental agencies are:

  • planning and managing training activities to promote the acquisition and certification of skills for job placement and strengthening of employability; training activities for companies aimed at enhancing human capital; planning of active labour policies; supporting the development and recovery of companies; supporting self-entrepreneurship (Regional Directorate: Education, Training and Labour);
  • supporting the applications for new settlements requiring productive or logistical areas with a territorial and environmental impact; providing cooperation for town-planning modification procedures, landscape and environmental authorizations falling under its own competence or that of other entities. Processing territorial databases also in support of localization opportunities (Regional Directorate: Environment, Energy and Territory);
  • support in terms of accessibility to settlement areas for productive investments, both in terms of infrastructure (road, railway, cycle routes and networks and infrastructures, intermodal, logistics and airport nodes) and public transport services. Planning and programming of interventions and investments for infrastructure, transport and logistics (Regional Directorate: Public infrastructure, Soil Defence, Civil Protection, Transport and Logistics);
  • planning and management of financing and grants to support entrepreneurial investments; supporting research and innovation projects with related industrialization, cooperation between SMEs and research organizations; supporting the development of supply chains and production clusters and business-to-business cooperation networks (Regional Directorate: Competitiveness of the Regional System);
  • promoting and disseminating on an international scale the tools and opportunities for attracting investment in Piemonte, working in close relationship with the stakeholders through a constant dialogue with local supply chains and foreign multinationals, and promoting the development of networks between local and foreign companies and universities (Regional directorate: Coordination of Policies, European Funds, Tourism and Sports);
  • specialist consulting to meet professional needs based on the labour market offer; researching skills and expertise for companies; information and assistance to assist the company towards the best and most efficient use of the tools made available by the Job Centers and to improve the matching between job demand and offer (Competent instrumental body: APL - Piemonte Lavoro Agency);
  • attracting new investments, supporting reinvestment activities, reshoring, merger and acquisition operations; promoting on an international scale the Piedmontese economic system; searching for localization opportunities; supporting entrepreneurial business; supporting the internationalization process (Competent instrumental body: CEIPiemonte – Piemonte Agency);
  • managing public measures under European and regional funds to support economic activities, mainly on behalf of Regione Piemonte; providing support on the occasion of territorial development projects; identifying and activating financial sources complementary to state aid through innovative or alternative finance instruments, developed with regional and national financial partners (Competent instrumental body: Finpiemonte).


Attraction Team and the Territory

Following the set up of the operational core to make the action of accompanying new investments more efficient and complete, the skills of the Attraction Team have been enriched through the inclusion of additional institutional actors active at regional level and considered essential for the dialogue with the business community and for collecting needs and information from the territory.

The Attraction Team thus includes the essential players in the dialogue with the entrepreneurial and business world and includes the local institutions (Municipalities, Provinces, Metropolitan Cities), Chambers of commerce system, the Universities and the professional associations. The actors involved have confirmed their willingness to provide experience and services to complement the Team's menu of expertise, strengthening its effectiveness in dialogue and assistance of new investments.