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Successful investments in Piedmont

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Piedmont aims to be one of Europe's most attractive regions for new investment projects.

The territory boasts an important and deep-rooted manufacturing vocation and can be considered one of the industrial engines of Europe. Thanks to this strong tradition, which provides fertile ground for growth and innovation, Piedmont is also an Italian and European reference point for Industry 4.0 and it is Italy's leading region in terms of private investment in research and development, accounting for 1.8 percent of regional GDP (the national average is 0.8 percent), with a regional innovation ecosystem consisting of about 200 research and development centers.

Piemonte ranks therefore as the third Italian region for number of foreign companies located in the territory. More than 1,300 multinationals and foreign controlled companies have chosen to set up a business and settled in the region by opening about 4,000 local units, employing more than 150,000 people.

Below some important testimonies, which showcase the successful investments in our territory.