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Fund for attracting and supporting investments

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Within the framework of the RP ERDF Piemonte 2021-2027, a specific measure (Measure for the support and attraction of investments) is active. Through targeted incentives, its goal is to boost the investment propensity of the Piedmontese productive system by attracting and developing new projects capable of acting as a catalyst for the consolidation of the local entrepreneurship and supporting all production sectors. This measure supports productive investment projects, including the redevelopment and conversion of disused industrial areas, with the aim of:

  • encouraging investments by companies not yet active in Piedmont;
  • attracting Piedmontese companies that have relocated production out but that intend to resettle in the regional territory;
  • consolidating and anchoring existing companies by supporting a new investment functionally different from the existing one;
  • stimulating redevelopment interventions of abandoned production sites.

The Measure is considered of strategic importance within the RP ERDF Piemonte 2021-2027 as through the attraction and diversification of investments it is aimed at obtaining a better positioning of the regional economic system, making it stronger, more competitive and attractive compared to further new investments.

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