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European Regions for better ICT connections

Turin April 2-3, 2009
Lingotto Conference Centre
Via Nizza n.280

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The European Commission plan for the economic recovery of the EU includes a proposal to channel part of the unspent EU budget on broadband investment and announces the development of an EU Broadband strategy in cooperation with Member States and other relevant players .

The European Council approved on March 19-20, 2009 the proposal for investment in broadband and CAP health Check((€1.02 bn).

The European Commission is now launching the first of a set of actions aimed at opening a wide consultation on issues surrounding the development of the EU broadband strategy and the way this will fit into the future EU ICT policy framework after the current i2010 initiative .

The Turin event, organized in cooperation with the Piedmont Region and the B3 Regions project, is the first of these actions.
B3 Regions (Regions for Better Broadband Connection) is an innovative project aimed to tackle the difficulties of implementing broadband connections in remote or disadvantaged areas.

The main features of this event will be information about the EU spending on broadband within the context of the recovery plan and the sharing of broadband good practices between rural and regional development authorities. The European Broadband portal will accompany the development of the EU broadband strategy through on-line forums for discussion on the main broadband issues and by providing a central point for the exchange of good practices.

Participation: Officials from relevant Directorates General from the European Commission will take part to the event, as well as representatives from the ICT industry and national telecom regulators on electronic communications and rural, regional and national authorities in charge of broadband deployment as well as other relevant actors.

Attendance to the conference is free. Registration required.

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