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Traceability and certification of excellence piedmontese oenology

logo SINThe globalization of trade in agricultural production requires a system of protection for the typical Italian products, especially those of high quality, which can support and ensure the products in the domestic and international market.
The rules adopted by the European Union require the complete traceability of agricultural production (EC Reg 178/2002), namely the "mapping" of the productive chain of each agricultural production with a concept "from field to plate" (traceability).

The term TRACEABILITY means the information process that follows the product from beginning to end of his journey along the production chain, while RETRACEABILITY means the reverse process, that allows to trace from the end backwards to the beginning the information distributed along the production chain. In this way the control of the food production chain guarantees the origin, the nature, the composition and quality of the product.

The Piedmont Region, paying particular attention to the traceability of food and product certification, instruct SIN Srl - the company formed by AGEA with different private companies for management and development of the SIAN (National Agricultural Information System) - to develop a pilot project that aims to propose a system to traceability and retrace the production chain of the wine sector, focusing on some great piedmontese wines: 6 DOC wines (Controlled Origin Denomination) of high quality and DOCG wines (Controlled and Guaranteed Origin Denomination), both red and white, bottled within one year after harvest, including a “passito” sweet wine, produced in four provinces of Piedmont from five different wine producer including 2 wine growers' cooperative, involving total of 30 farmers, and total production of 30,000 bottles.

The project, carried out on the harvest 2010, has the goal of realizing a model of traceability of wine that starts from the vineyard from which the grapes come and ends with the product bottled and labeled with the guarantee band. This system aims to support information to the various operators in the industry and the consumer who, by the codes printed on the guarantee band of  the wine bottle, may know the track of the wine from the origin vineyard of the grape.

Companies and wines participating in the project are:

Grapevine DOC/DOCG Wine Farm Corporate Headquarters
Erbaluce Erbaluce di Caluso D.O.C.G. Az. Cieck Agliè (TO)
Dolcetto Dolcetto d'Alba D.O.C. Poderi Colla Alba (CN)
Freisa Langhe Freisa D.O.C. Poderi Colla Alba (CN)
Barbera Barbera d'Asti D.O.C.G.
“Vigne vecchie del cinquantenario”
Cantina di Vinchio e Vaglio Serra Vinchio (AT)
Vaglio Serra (AT)
Moscato bianco Piemonte Moscato
Passito D.O.C.
Cantina 3 Secoli Ricaldone (AL)
Mombaruzzo (AT)
Barbera Barbera Monferrato D.O.C.
“La birba”
Az. Scagliola ss Calosso (AT)